As a very satisfied client of Dorie’s, I can confirm that Dorie provides truly personalized care, not just a generic treatment. Her skilled fingers almost magically find the places needing assistance. One thing that sets Dorie apart from many therapists in my experience, is that she artfully works to a level that is tolerable for the individual. I have been to skilled therapists that couldn’t assess where this ever-changing level was, and found myself in terrible pain later. Dorie also educates her clients, and provides self-treatment regimens for motivated individuals to further their care between and beyond appointments. The environment is warm, caring, confidential, and professional. I would highly recommend Dorie’s services."

I see Dorie for the treatment of lymphedema. This is a chronic condition that is often caused by cancer treatment and  I’ve had it now for ten years. Without proper treatment, the condition becomes progressively worse. The tissues harden, more serious infections that can require hospitalization develop, and the quality of life deteriorates.  Thanks to Dorie’s extensive experience, and excellent care, my lymphedema is well under control and I have avoided these risks. As a bonus, her sincere caring attitude enables me to enjoy a better quality of life."

I came to Dorie with a variety of overuse problems, some related to sports injuries and some related to spending a lot of time hunched over a computer. She began the first session by taking a general medical history and gathering information about my aches and pains. Using this history, supplemented with what she found on direct examination, Dorie directed the massage to my problems. These efforts were immediately beneficial. Throughout my sessions with Dorie, as opposed to applying a general bodywork regime, she focused on my specific problems and integrated these issues into how it relates to the entire body."

At least as helpful as Dorie’s body work was her advice for ways to mitigate my pain. This advice included ways to avoid problems, e.g., how to sit at a computer, as well as to help to reduce existing pain, e.g., specific stretches that I could do on my own. Dorie’s advice and recommendations come from a background of technical knowledge, therapy practice and experience as an amateur athlete. Her suggestions extended the value of my bodywork sessions well beyond the sessions themselves. I appreciate greatly Dorie’s willingness to share her knowledge. To me, this aspect of her therapy is indicative not only of the quality of Dorie’s bodywork but also of the care and consideration that she gives to her clients. In short, she is great!"